Self Improvement Link Dump

Over the years I’ve collected links to advice on how to improve myself and my life by emailing them to myself and saving them in a special folder. After that folder swelled to several hundred messages it was time to extract them into a more accessible format. I’m posting them here so that folks like me can explore them as well.

Technology Tips

Stuff Guys Should Own

Photography Tips

Document Retention

Meditation and Quiet Time

Organizing Desk Space

Office Organization

End of the Year Habits

Workday Management

Schedules and Project Management

Financial Tips and Independence


Time Tracking and Pomodoro

Life Lessons from Programming

Pegboard and Basement Orgainzation




Folding a Fitted Sheet

Internet-Free Days

Life Plan

Preparing for Death

Keep from Burning Out

Travel and Packing Tips

Being Social

More Efficient Netflix Watching

Managing and Leading

Managing Geeks

Marriage Tips

Note Taking


Better Posture

Making Change Easier

Working Out


Complaints and Thanks

Setting Goals

Willpower and Changing Habits

Better Sleep

Getting Things Done

Negative Visualization


Professional Development

Political Advocacy

Recipes and Cooking